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1v1v1 hotseat multiplayer action-platformer where you play with... an inflatable elephant. (made for 48 hours on a game jam)

Relying only on inflation, deflation and the forces of nature (gravity, mass, acceleration) you must aeronavigate yourself through the air, try not to get killed and bump your opponents to a thorn.

Deflating yourself shrinks you and  gives you an acceleration in the opposite direction thus making your movement and rotation quick. But you won't be able to push bigger enemies.

Inflating yourself makes you bigger and stronger but your movement becomes slower and gravity pulls you down.

You can also play the game online here (click the fourth game): https://sdoychev.itch.io/hcgj-2018

Controls Player 1:

Q - Inhale

E - Exhale

Controls Player 2:

I - Inhale

P - Exhale

Controls Player 3:

Z - Inhale

C - Exhale

Martin Bakardzhiev - Game design and sound

Georgi Georgiev - Art

Stefan Doychev - Development

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